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Originally Posted by mtdenyer View Post
In some states you MUST sell it in cord measurements. That is the case here in Florida. Even if you sell by the bundle, I would put it in a cord or face cord measurement. You could say 1/15th face cord bundle, or something to that affect. Most states list particular laws like that in their licensing and permitting pages on their websites.
MA is horrible with how we have to word our firewood sales. The state considers firewood a fuel, so it is regulated by the division of weights and measures like gas $ oil sales, but not as strictly enforced. Legally we have to sell it by the cubic foot. We can not use the words "cord", "face cord" , "piles", or "truck load". Instead we have to say 128 cu ft (instead if cord) , 42.66 cu ft (instead of facecord), or for example call it a "200 cu ft pile" or "100 cu ft small truck load". A guy called the state and complained because he ordered a "stacked cord", the state cameout and measured it. It measured out to 128cu ft. But it wasn't stacked tight enough so they estimated it to be only 100 cu ft. He was hit with a fine. They don't enforce it to regularly, but if someone complains then they will come knocking. I have also herd of them trolling craigslist and newspapers looking for people advertising. They won't spend much time investigating, but if your add has enough business info listed and they can find you in the system easily, then there is a good chance you get fined.
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