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Originally Posted by nick2765 View Post
College is no joke, and as you said before things are much different now. College back then was much different in that the payouts were much higher. A pharmacist who went to school 20 years ago college education only costed them 90 grand and when they finished school were making 100 grand, Pharmacists now have school loans over 200 grand and still make the same salary. What is different now is that students have to be creative, such as most of the college kids (including myself) on here took something they enjoy and saw the potential to make a buck. Its something we have to do, but we picked lawn care because we enjoy it. (at least for me). It is almost impossible to afford school and pay for necessities if we do not work unless someone else is offering the helping hand. I want to be in control of my future and do not want to count on some else which goes for most of the college people on here as well.
That's a great explanation, especially as it relates to medical fields. My better half just wrapped up 17 years of post-secondary education and 300k+ in debt. The problem with many of the medical field educational tracks is that you simply can't maintain any great level of income as you work your way through (if you're even allowed to at all). If you can create a nice nest egg while in undergrad, for many people, it's a "must do". Self-employment and small business ownership are two of the best vehicles to do so.
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