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I figured I better get this going, as I feel like I'm bombing other member's threads with equipment pictures.

I started mowing, 30yrs ago. I was 15 and my mom would drop me at my first and only client. It was a commercial property of ~3 acres. I did that place, 21" at a time. When I turned 16, I picked up a property management company, which had numerous complexes throughout town. When, I graduated school, I joined the military. Fast forward a bunch of years and I started mowing, again. During summer '13, a couple other LCOs encouraged me to get legit, so I could broaden my horizons. I swapped a 5'X8' utility trailer for a 7'X12' V-nose and added a 60" ZTR and 30" WB to the stable. I had everything else. I contacted a local pinstriper/signmaker for my branding and signage. With a logo, I upgraded the rest of my presentation.

This is the rig.

Me and how I show up for work.

Trailer interior, empty and during initial setup.

Trailer interior, loaded with both ZTRs and a 21" up the left side.

I run an Andersen WD hitch. It's quiet, can easily change preload, and easy to hook/unhook.

I upgraded to 15"X6" wheels, so that I could run Maxxis 225/75 10-ply tires. Maxxis are about the only non-Chinese made trailer tire available.

My business cards. I use one for local work and the other for out-of-town.

Embroidered work shirts.

Embroidered work jacket.

Casual T-shirts.


The change in grain direction causes a flip-flop effect.

I keep my stuff clean.

Difference nice wheels make.

More to come.
1st Class Lawn Service

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