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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
At 220 lbs, there is no sliding. If there is sliding, you are on some kind of grade you have no business growing grass on. I have some Emerald at home contaminating my Tifton 328. Both get cut at 1/2" There is no sliding on the Emerald parts. But, the zoysia is set to be removed with Tenacity herbicide.

Tru-Cut mowers are anything but ok. They are only good for cutting open grasses high like high cut bermuda or St Augustine, or else bermuda or seashore paspalum that is totally flat. Tru-Cuts will not negotiate any kind of bump or unevenness. The lawn has to be granite countertop flat or the cut will suck. You are also in big trouble if the grass has gotten a little thick. That plate style clutch might have been a good idea on the engineer's drawing board, but I would have preferred a drive mechanism capable of locking the reel to the engine. My Greensmaster has taken lawns that the local "landscapers" say are too uneven to cut with a reel and made them look as good as the lawn in the pictures. Well, that and a good liquid fertilizer program.
i am sure the professional greens mowers(jacobson, deere or toro) are much nicer but your talking at least 4 times the price either new or used over the tru cuts, mclanes and cal trimmers. Also they have drawback such as most only mow up to 3/4"
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