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Originally Posted by aflawncare View Post
Joel D, I'm fairly new in the business so I'm still learning new things everyday. How do you estimate hedge trimming, mulch, etc.???

Every thing is based off of your operating cost, and desired profit. I only deal with bulk mulch so I take the cost of the mulch plus $55 a yard. Pine straw is cost + $4.50 a bale. Hedges are kind of tricky. I basically set a rate based off of time for small, medium, and large hedges then charge per hedge on the property. On clean up jobs always factor in dump fees plus time spent traveling to the dump and at the dump. For leaves I estimate time and charge an hourly rate.

You just need to find that hourly rate, and as I said in the last post you need to bump up your mowing rate. Another good way to price is to set a minimum price that way you don't drive out to a small yard for $20. YOU still have travel time and all the other things involved. I believe that $30-$40 is about the average for people on here as a base price. Once you look at the property and see that it will take at least 15 minutes then start tacking on the price per minute. For example, your minimum rate is $35, and $2 a minute. You get to a lawn and see that it will take 25 minutes, you just need to do $35+($2 x 10 minutes) = $55. That may seem steep to some people, but it cost us thousands of dollars to do that yard in 25 minutes as to a homeowner that could do it with a push mower in an hour and a half or more with all the trimming, edging, and blowing.

Hope that helps.
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