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We've had the echo pb770T going on 2 years now. Because it doesn't get daily / weekly use, we add the stabil to the gas. Living in NJ, you are dealing with 10% ethanol in your gas most of the time and when the unit sits, the ethanol coagulates in the carb blocking air/fuel passages. These units (read: carbs) seem to be prone to ethanol related probs due to the lean factory fuel settings. What I mean is they start up and idle fine, but when you go to full WOT, they feel starved for gas. After rebuilding the carb one time and experiencing the problem again, it was time for some closer inspection. There is a very small screw (high speed jet) that requires the special echo "D" screwdriver to adjust. Once we opened up this screw about 1 full turn, the unit has run very well with none of the lag previously noted. Because of the lean burn qualities of ethanol in fuel, when rebuilding the carb, we bent the metering lever up just a tad to compensate and make it slightly richer. We also removed the spark arrestor screen on the muffler as this tends to clog based on landscaper recommendation. The unit runs flawless now each and every time. These units are a bit thirsty on fuel though, but I would highly recommend them especially with some of the mods I mention.
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