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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
Does more nimble mean skinnier to you? To me it means it turns/handles better. If a jr36 is more nimble then a maz is also. The handle the same plus slight weight difference. When in a tight area a hydro turn will work much better then a gear drive.
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Nimble - Fast and agile light in movement
Quick and light

I don't see the need for a nimble machine to treat lawns. The biggest problem I see in doing small lawns with a ride on is spreading fert out past the grass in to flower beds or out in places like roads and side walks. and it takes longer to treat the lawn.

If were talking how tight it turns The Z would come in first and the ground logic in 2nd

Now in quickness the Z would have a faster top speed the T and ground logic proubly about the same in speed. The T has 11.5 hp the main Z's have 16 hp the ground logic well I don't know but I don't think it's smaller than the T.

Now on weight The Ground Logic and T are close to the same. Unless we are talking about the Z rack able unit.

There all kind of hard decisions in life

I never have any problems in small lawn with my T nimble or not gets the job done just fine.

Charles Cue
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