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48" walk behind vs. 52" walk behind

hello everyone, For this past year my main mower has been a scag 36" belt driven walk behind with a velky x2. I mow 30 accounts per week that range from small residental properties to 3.5 acre commercial lots. Often times, i mow on the weekends when i come home from college and obviously when i'm home during the summer. With my current mower, i can usually get done with all my yards in 3 days. However, i feel beat to death each week when i finish. For next year, i am looking to get another walk behind, either scag or exmark (dealers are close) in either 48" or 52" HYDRO. I can't use a ztr because many of my accounts would not be very accessible with one. My question is: should i go with a 48" or 52"??? I know that there is only a 4" difference, but is that 4" a big deal? I will keep my 36" for the few gates i must get into. Thank you for all of your input.
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