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We price mowing which includes basic litter pick up, edging, trimming and blowing and normal sticks of course at 2.00 per 1,000 sq.ft. With a 35.00 minimum also this is for weekly cuts and nothing really odd like extreme hill or retention pond etc.
As far as hedge trimming shrubs we just factor in height and accessability and make a good guess of how long it will take and price. If you price too cheap you will survive just remember next time what you should have charged.
I find even with experience item like cleaning up pine needles you can screw up and be way too cheap.
I can remember back when we would guess how much dirt was going to come out of a cut before we had ability to figure exact I missed a small job bye about 25 loads one time no big deal back then diesel was 1.29 gallon but now its 4.00
I call the learning experiance education and education is exspensive. Lol
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