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Originally Posted by BugBlaster View Post
Forgive the dumb questions, I do structural pest, but am getting licensed for lawn and ornamental. Primarily to treat sagos. Last year I saw a few, but this year it is every sago I see has them, so I have to start doing it.

Is it better to inject? I can do that easy with an electric backpack and quick connect to a termite rod. To do a standard 3 foot sago what is the normal amount of safari and quantity of water to use? I've read the label but can't quite get my head around the specifics.
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There is a dose listed per foot of plant height. The question of injecting depends on your soil and what is around your target plant. If I have ground covers, other border plants, etc around the target plant. my preference goes towards injecting. If the plant is in clay or other tight soil, injecting is better. If it is on mostly sand and there is nothing around it, I drench or apply a low volume band around the plant. A hedge of some kind growing on sand is a candidate for a banded application. Note that the absorbing roots on most plants including Sago palm is in the first few inches of soil and not more than 8" from the trunk. There are also absorbing roots directly under plants. No need to go deep or far from the trunk of a plant.
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