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Hehe AW.

Yes, I told him I didn't want to give him $10K now and sit around for 3 months until the season starts again here in the Pacific North West to pay out the remaining $40K via payments. Winter cashflow and security was my reasoning and he understood.

He said that another company offered him $60K, no down payment, and 20% payments from his customers. I know the seller and he is legit so I know that there really is another company in negotiations.

With his pricing I should be able to do it as he charges more for his services than my company does. 20% off the top would put his pricing about even with mine.

He did say that 2 employees were interested in sticking around. I have yet to meet them and in a perfect world that would be perfect.

Sounds too good to be true. I must be missing something. And yes, short season compared to you year-rounders.

Love the handle too WillRetire@40. Motivating.
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