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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
Thanks for posting that link. I was not comparing the 2 machines. I own Z-sprays but have been a little disappointed in the Vanguard motor. I have had many of the problems the author of that article has mentioned that are associated with the Vanguard(We operate in an extremely humid environment). It is now time to replace the motor on one of my machines and my mechanic is recommending replacing it with a Kawasaki. I have been leaning that direction.

After reading the information you linked, the decision has pretty much been made and my question in a thread I started last night has been answered.

Thanks again
Kawisakis are amazing engines for what we do, if you have the means I would go with one all the way. Also I have found that changing the plugs on the briggs engine helps signifigantly with the *blub blurb blub chug* of the Z sprays.
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