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Originally Posted by zabmasonry View Post
every trailer is different, but my dump trailer would fold in two if I cut through one if the sides. The sides of the trailer act like a bridge truss dispersing the load while dumping. I'm sure that some dump trailers have a subframe that is built heavy enough to do this, just be aware
I see your point. My sides are only welded to the frame every foot or so with a 6-8" weld then some black caulking between the welds. If you cut our a 50" section, build a post against the remaining part of the wall to use for stability and for the closing/locking mechanism for the door I can't see too much of an issue. I mean it's a factory option from PJ trailers (mine is a Sure-Trac) so it must do just fine. Based on your name I assume you're working with lots of loose stone material. Very heavy stuff. Some trimmings, edgings, mulch and even topsoil I can't imagine it being that traumatic to the trailer. But I have my reservations with it too.
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