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Welp, I can give you my opinions on the both on an un-bias level. I think they are great in DIFFERENT WAYS...... Scag is going to have the velocity deck. Unless you are in dry weed free grass the velocity deck is going to be the deck of choice hands down. It is atleast in my area of southern ohio where you have a ton of weeds such as clover and dandilions.

I pretty much give the rest of the advantages to the exmark. They are no doubt about it the most comfortable to run, long lasting, and atleast for me, a darn near bullet proof walk behind.

This is what I have been saying for the past few years. Take an exmark turf tracer, stick the velocity deck under it, and you will have to date, the best mower on the planet when it comes to a walk behind.

I just had a conversation with the scag rep in my area yesterday about how I couldn't believe that scag went through all the trouble to FINALLY design a walk behind with controls like the ECS controls and be retarted enough to not use the velocity deck under that mower. I ran the new scag yesterday with the new controls. I liked the controls, then we got to talking about the deck. He said that the deck on the scag was put on to be comparable to the ultracut deck. Here is my thoughts. OUTDO the exmark and use the proven velocity deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He agreed completely but did bring up a valid point that by using that deck on the scag it kept the price down considerably compared to the exmark WB's. Good points.

There is one reason why I will never own the swz scag and that is because of the pistol grip handles. I used them for years and never thought a thing about it until I ran a competitors exmark metro with the ecs handles and was like HOLLY chit what have I been missing. Ive been using the exmarks ever since........... We have to double cut quite often in weedy yards with our exmark wb's but atleast im comfortable doing it..... LOL. we all have our own opinion and this is just my .02

Ive owned them both and as I stated before, I think there both great. If there is one thing I HATE about one of them its the pistol grip feature on scag.

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