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Originally Posted by smitty's lawncare View Post
Thank you so much for the reply! Im kind of in the in between stages on which one to roll with. The exmarks look so much more comfortable than the scag because of the ecs. That is one of the biggest reasons why I'm looking at Exmark. I'm just nervous about the deck. Scags velocity is ridiculously awesome in my opinion. I mow a lot of thick lawns that are irrigated so they are often wet, will that make a giant difference with the Exmark deck?
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In my experience HELL YES!!!!! I will give you an example really quick. When we were on the fence of weather or not to go with scag I picked up there demo unit which was a tiger cat 61" velocity deck. At the time I owned a turf tracer 60............. We took those two mowers to my nastiest thickest yard which we almost always have to double cut. I should have taken a video man that's all I could say. I left that day and bought 2 scags if that tells you how big of a difference there was in the cut quality. There were clumps on the left hand side of the yard with the exmark and none on the right where the scag was ALTHOUGH the right side could have still used a double cut just from so much clippings covering the stripes in the yard.

I have come to the conclusion that the mower a man picks to be the best has to do with the area he lives in and what types of turf/grass/weeds/ etc you have to deal with.... In my area when it comes to deck preference its hands down scag...............

The gods honest truth is when it comes to the scag swz walk behindes, Ive actually had a welding fabricator buddy of mine go look at brand new ones with me and let him study it to see if he could cut/get rid of the pistol grips and take a set of ecs handles and fab them up..... that would work for me. He said he could make it work.... I just couldn't stand the thought of buying a brand new mower and hacking the original handles off!!! LOL
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