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Thanks everyone.

The seller was unwilling to be flexible on the $60K sale price. In other words even if only half the clients returned with a signed contract, the sale price was still $60K.

If you crunch the numbers that means the clients (who currently would cost me $375 each) could cost double to buy ($750 each).

As one forum member put it, could I market with a budget of $375 or $750 and get a customer? I know so. Probably a few.

Plus the seller was unwilling to cap how long the deal would go for. The problem is that if only 20 customers are around after the season, it could take years and years and years to pay back the $60K.

I came to the conclusion that this deal looks good if everything works out just right but the problem is nothing works out just right. And this could come back to bite me with no flexibility in the sale price based on # of returning clients.

Call me conservative but I have deemed this deal too risky. I am fairly good at marketing so I will stick to a bigger marketing push in 2014 on my own.
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