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I disagree with everything every one has said here on taking and using money for free. When you take a loan on piece of equipment you are taking risk of something happening and not being able to pay it off. 2. You are a slave to the lender. 3. If the equipment breaks down you will more likely hate it and let it sit/procrastinate on payments and hurt your credit rating.
If you can afford to pay it off I would do so. When I finally grew up (financially) and paid cash for what we needed I actually saw a better bottom line than when we took out loans on our equipment.
Maybe instead of the PZT go with the MZT(its a great mower for the price).
I strive for a 0 credit rating, because I know if I achieve this I have been paying cash for everything I need.
Nothing is FREE. Think about it.
What ever I do I must do it right!
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