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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I am not a stranger to big landscape companies. I believe your business runs itself. I am glad for you but, NOT EVERY BIG BUSINESS OWNER CAN SAY THEIR BUSINESS RUNS ITSELF. MOST SWEAT BULLETS DAILY. Cash flow seem to be the biggest sweat. Just because you show a big profit on the book, doesn't means you have money in the bank. Of course if you have a farm with a huge line of credit, Cash Flow isn't a problem.

My point about staying small is still the better method for MOST people. As a one man band costs and over head are very small leaving a huge profit margin. As you grow and add each employee your overhead grows by Geometric proportion. As a business owner your income drops with each new hire. However there does come a point when more employee start to make the owner as much or more money than a one man band. I guess my question is WHY HASSLE THE HEART ATTACK of growing a business that big. I make a nice 5 figure income working part time. I work on making my business better not bigger.
Where there is risk...there is reward!!!!

Again I agree with you but:
Just for round numbers would u rather work your butt off for $100,000 a yr or have 10 employees, not work ur butt off and have a valuable business and make $100,000 a yr?
Although these are not real numbers u see where I am going.

If u are a one man band and get hurt u r done. If u have a larger business u can get hurt and not miss a beat. That's all I am saying.

That's not what this topic is about but I am ALL about my business working for me and not me working for my business.
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