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Originally Posted by Nago In NJ View Post
Wilsonboud, Great purchase on the Cheetah, which engine did you choose and why?
I cut under four acres for the last twenty years. My property is very wet after a rain. Twenty years of crawfish chimneys has left my yard like a sponge after a rain.

(Crawfish chimneys leave a hole in the ground about an inch wide and up to eight inches deep. In twenty years, there will have been several thousand in the yard.)

So in the cutting season, it's not unusual to be forced to wait four or five days after a good rain, before I'm able to cut (I don't cut wet ... period). Then if rains again before I get to cut, my grass may be "very long" before I get the opportunity to cut. (get the picture).

I chose the Scag Cheetah (61" - Kawasaki 31hp), because I experienced some long waits in the past, for dry conditions to cut my grass. Before the ZTR, I cut with a JD345 (48") and a 60" groomer on a Kubota tractor. Although the cut was great, it was very slow. Over four hours for a total cut.

The Cheetah cuts the entire property in 1.7 hours no matter how long the grass gets.

Know this..... I went with the Kawasak 31 hp based on grass cuts of the past.... but, after experiencing the 31hp fuel usage, I question if I might have gotten better fuel results and the same quality cut with a next smaller Kawasaki engine.

Although the Cheetah has two tanks of 15 gallons, I only use the right tank (7.5 gallons). I barely get three cuts on the tank which means the 31hp gets right at 1.7 gallons per hour. Over two gallons per cut.

But, I'm still ahead because the JD345 used right at 2.3 gallon per cut and the Kubota used 1.5 gallons of diesel. That totaled almost 4 gallons of fuel at every cut. Plus it took over 4 hours to complete a cut.....

I hope this helps you in some small way.....

Wilson Boudreaux
from Cajun Country

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