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Originally Posted by RodneyK View Post
Keep us posted on how it works out. What will happen is non mowing guy will dick around trying to look busy half or more of the season while he could be cutting. Not all the time as there is stuff to do, I get that. You end up with really a 1.5 man crew. Maybe that is ok since you don't have to put another mower on a trailer that you don't want to get. I lived the one man crew out of a back of a truck. It is just not efficient. I also lived the two man/ two mower crew doing full service including bed maintenance weekly. Other mower and trailer was vital to being very efficient which meant probably 3-4 more properties a day.

To add another crew on the cheap and easy of course it will work. Depends on your goals to determine how well it works in the end.
And now that's a question I ask you to answer. How many jobs was you doing before you added 3-4 more?
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