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My Greensmaster has been adapted for mowing at up to 1". Another thing that became apparent to me after using it on a normal lawn is how well it would mow a lawn tha a Tru-Cut or McLane would tear up. A lot of people have lawns that are condemned to being rotary mowed because the landscape grade reel mower with casters in the front would sink into every single imperfection in the ground and scalp badly. I do not have that problem with the Wiehle roller in the front and the large drive drum in the back, I mow lawns on pretty rough ground and leave a nice finish on all of them. That lawn in the pictures is anything but flat. There are divots and grade changes. That is the kind of lawn normally hacked with a rotary at 4". I mow that at 3/4" most of the year, raising the height of cut to 7/8" or 1" now because of the lower temperatures and lack of sun.

For a 21" reel mower, this is fast. Another lawn I mow is 1/2 acre of bermuda cut up into 4 pieces. That one is done in about 11/2-2 hours. Height of cut is 3/4". It too is like the surface of Mars. No scalping. The only thing faster that would give an equivalent cut is a triplex trim or else fairway mower.
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