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Originally Posted by kwwolfe View Post
If you have zero credit rating then you would not be able to buy a house or rent at many places. I get that people like to be debt free, but having credits cards does not doom you to a life of servitude paying "the man". They have there place, and the most successful people in the world borrow.

As for sildoc's comments above, I can't disagree more. Given the assumption that the 0% finance deal is as good as the non 0%, not taking this would be foolish. If you pay cash and something happens to the machine then you are stuck with a pieces of junk worth 0 anyway. If you pay cash then you are a slave to empty pockets. What happens if you truck craps out. Oops, no money in your pocket.
Here is a gentleman that understands...Without good credit, of which you must build, there may be a time you need to make a purchase of something such as a house. The house may be in the $250,000 range, without good credit of which you must built; you can forget making a purchase of this size, no one will even talk with you, much less back you with their money.

You always use a lenders money if they allow you to use it interest free. If you have money on hand to pay cash, it makes more sense to leave your money making money, even if it's no more than 1%, while using the lenders money interest free.
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