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Originally Posted by Pete215 View Post
Well, it looks like we now have all the answers. I was wrong about the leak being outside zone one. I had forgotten this particular nozzle (So far from the zone valve) was part of the pack.
The stump you see next to the break was some kind of attractive weed I guess, as I never planted it. It was over 8' tall, and looked like some kind of palm tree, so I mistakenly let it grow, as it clearly caused the break.
I've attached 3 pictures as requested. You can see how close it was to the PVB and the air conditioner
When everything is back together and checked out I'll submit a final report to this thread. With Christmas so close it may be a week or two. Thank goodness things are cool here in Florida and the lawn needs far less water than normal. Thanks again for all the help.

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Leaks in automated irrigation systems fall into one of two categories. (1) pre-zone or (2) post zone.
Pre-zone leaks occur whether the system is running or not.
They include:
1) wells and pressure tanks
2) meters
3) back flow assemblies
4) mainlines
5) isolation valves
6) master valves
7) garden valves
8) zone valve

A failure or compromise at or before any of the above will create a constantly leaking situation.

Post zone leaks leak only when the zone is active, whether or not the controller is on.

Post zone leaks include:
1) zone valves
2) lateral lines
3) swing joints, tees and sprinkler bodies, wipers, stems etc.
4) auto drains
5) drip lines, fittings, sprays and emitters

Note: master valves tend to mask leaks and should be turned on manually when looking for leaks.
Back flow assemblies are often used to shut systems down in emergency situations. Always check to make sure they are in the on position when looking for leaks and once repairs are made.
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