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I agree with the comment about keeping your current job till you can no longer do so , most jobs all you have to do is give a 2 week notice , if the jobs schedule does not work for the lawn service , get another job that will give you benefits and scheduled work till you no longer need it , when you work a job you are inadvertently networking with people , I worked for as company for the first 3 years I had my business and hated to quit , the thing I miss the most is the people , you meet so many people when you work for companys these are opritunitys to make contacts and let people know about your part time business and give out your cards , I still do the commercial work for the company I use to work for , stay busy the worst thing is being ready to work and not having it , and you will not pick up business without networking and being out there weather it be in the lawn business or another business , get your vehicle door magnets on as soon as possible and hand out business cards to everyone you meet. Medical benefits are important unless your contacts are going to hook you up with clients and you are sure you can get to your target number I would be very scared to take this risk you are taking , also with no truck to salt and snow plow in the winter I think things will get much more difficult for you , I wish you the best of luck but please be careful being over confident, going to fast, and diving in to uncharted and un familiar waters head first can have harsh and permanent consequences. Good Luck
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