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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Franchise to me implies low cost and low quality. The sweet taste of low cost disappears quickly and the taste of low quality remains for a long time.

I do not eat at franchise restaurants because their quality disappoints me.

Franchises cost about $100,000. For that money I can get the equipment, pay the salary for a solo crew for a year, and advertise so much that I would get more work then I could handle. Then not have to give the franchiser a cut of my sales.

I do not need a parasite with their hands in my wallet.

yea franchises suck, I would much rather own no name hamburger store than a mcdonalds...

I would love to see some of the people who bad mouth franchises gross and net revenue compared to a franchise owner. I bet the franchisee would win out in the majority of the cases... while I don't own a franchise I know of two different people who own lawn application franchises and I can tell you they live largeeeee... can they do it without the franchisor behind them? maybe but they don't seem to mind giving up there percentage every month!
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