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LOL Didn't notice that Larry, I don't know about the fertilizer guys but that seems to be where the low quality franchises are, I've been looking at USL'S accounts around town here and they seem to be in fair to good shape, the quality of work is the responsibility of the franchise owner, if they are producing low quality work then they would be doing so with or without a franchise so that argument is a mute point. I don't know what a fertilizer franchise cost but a USL or GG's franchise isn't no where near 100K, my point being that as a solo guy with a goal to build a med to large company your going to spend over 100K no matter with or without a franchise, but as a solo your going to waste a large portion of that on mistakes and the large learning curve involved in growing a business, whereas with a franchise unless you just don't follow the guidelines they give you you'll grow much faster without all the waste. Besides who says that a franchise is a lifetime commitment?
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