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Originally Posted by AintNoFun View Post
yea franchises suck, I would much rather own no name hamburger store than a mcdonalds...

I would love to see some of the people who bad mouth franchises gross and net revenue compared to a franchise owner. I bet the franchisee would win out in the majority of the cases... while I don't own a franchise I know of two different people who own lawn application franchises and I can tell you they live largeeeee... can they do it without the franchisor behind them? maybe but they don't seem to mind giving up there percentage every month!
I bet you pull the top 20 percent of franchise and the top 20 percent of Mon franchise lawn care businesses ,the non franchises will win hands down , period .......
If you are not giving them ten plus percent , then that goes to you.
Hire some green industry consultants .Many of then can help you format a lawn care franchise but don't give It to
Some franchise that has measured every word carefully to solve all the aches and pains of running your own business and inevitably is there to make money of of you ,not just once but for a lifetime ....
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