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That is true.... but it's cool because there are a lot of guys with a lot of knowledge out there.... Take Keith Doherty for example... He went to the Stockbridge School and also worked for Petrillo for a bunch of years.... I wouldn't even know how to start a mower if it wasn't for him.... He pretty much taught me everything I know and he also helped give me the work ethic I have... I am a solo op and when I am out there doggin it I ask myself what Keith would tell me to do... HaHa... And the answer is "Get Moving you little #@$%^!!!!!" I love that stuff though, it's not an easy business and if you can't rough it, best to go sit in a swivel chair.... Here's a funny one for you.... When I first started working for Keith, he caught me standing there with a rake in my hands.... He kicked it out of my hands and said "There! Now you don't have to hold it anymore!" HaHaHa... Man, I miss Stoneham....
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