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Originally Posted by conceptsketch View Post
If weed man looks you in the eye and says you pay 12 k per truck plus marketing dollars then you are going to go bankrupt . A good mature lawn care route at its best may do 125k back in the heyday chlawn was busting 150 k
A true franchise model that is respectfull will only charge 4.5 perecent max . Google 60 minutes ,they had a whole show on the devestation that franchise can cause by overcharging.
Weed man is not a model of anything except to over charge you, and hope you quit . And then the will come in and steal all your hard work .This happens everyday to different franchise owners in all types of businesses Cause there is no sustainable way to give away more then ten percent and have much left over .
If you want to run your business like a franchise , then use real green software , all the franchises use it except weed man .Basically it was developed by a Scotts franchise owner .
Don't give away your hard work to a franchise that will make you pay , win loose or draw .Have self confidence and know you can do it , granted you will need help but it will be yours!!!!
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Apologies folks- completely forgot about this thread and haven't checked it for quite some time...

Again, the franchise fees aren't 12K per truck when you have multiple trucks, they decline. I'm currently paying ~6% which will continue to decline the more concentrated I get. We are more than $150K per truck so that might be affecting your calculation. We'll probably max out around $175K. This can be partly attributed to being in the Chicago Suburbs and being so densely populated.

The 60 minutes piece was very good and, again, pointed out that there are good franchise systems and bad, so do your homework. I have no experience with the Real Green software so wouldn't feel comfortable commenting on it. Again, franchises are not for everyone but to paint them with a broad brush seems a bit short-sighted. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Weed Man franchisees who've chimed in on this thread seem to be happy with their decision. Are there franchisees out there who are unhappy with Weed Man? Perhaps, I just am not aware of them.

Again, anyone with questions feel free to chime in or email me directly- I will try to check this thread regularly. Needless to say, I have had a pretty positive experience thus far. However, I realize it's not for everyone.
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