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One thing I've found with networking and talking to everyone I know is that not everyone lives near me. I'm fortunate to live in an "Upper End" Neighborhood and hope that I might possibly have some sort of an home field advantage based on that. I've targeted 5 of these type neighborhoods within 15 miles of me that I'm hoping to secure the bulk of my work from. I've done some leaf jobs for some people I know but hey have included some drive time if you know what I mean. My goal is to get the majority of lawns in close proximity to increase effectiveness and minimize the drive/costs. For instance I have 4 neighbors that have commercial cuts that I could drive my mower out of my garage and do without pulling my trailer out of the driveway. I've secured one of them already and will talk to the others soon. I again appreciate the words of advice. My other job is done so there is no going back but I will still be trading stocks at home to supplement the Lawn Business. One of my major downfalls is that when I get my mind on something I'm ALL-IN. There is no limping in. That has been both good and bad. Here's to hoping this one is good!
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