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Here's some pics of my shop,land, and office area. I bought this 3 acre land about 4 years ago. It was a great investment. I live with my wife about 2 miles from here so it's a easy 5 minute drive every morning to the shop. I think it was a great decision, i allways wanted a piece of land where I could grow my buisiness and do things that I wouldn't be able to do at our house. For example, have plenty of room for parking and storage, have a seperate office etc, store materials, mulch etc, we have a large dug burn pit we dump into and burn brush etc. Also it is nice to actually have a site for a buisiness to put up a sign and look a little more legit. If I was solo I wouldn't mind working out of the house but having a crew of guys it's nice to keep your business out of your personal life, here's some pics, i know it's probaly small compared to some of you guys but I have lots of plans for here. I tried to upload better pics but they were allready uploaded on my pic thread and can't re upload them here so here are some crappy left overs.
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