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Those numbers are high and the exception not the rule , and to be getting to that volume has nothing to do with a franchise . There are plenty of examples of non franchise lawncare operators in a mature market can do that volume along with very sound business practices .
For any one to imply weedman grows there business is misleading. People grow there business and weedman or lawndoctors or a consultant will show you procedures to follow . To win in business it is totally up to the individual , on what they decide to do, based on the options in front of them . For example ; you read A great business Guide "Emyth book "and go use the principles they suggest,and then join a peer group inside the industry with guys not in your area ( they will share more openly with you) . Do you credit emyth and your peer group with your profitable business . Sorta but not really cause its all you and your employees efforts , thats the point of this thread really!!!! you did the work not them they just gave you advice .
The reality is the only reason a business exists is really to market itself it is the fuel that feeds the machine ,,
Does Weedman have a marketing presence, a name that means something , Does it get you leads that turn into business from clients, from there reputation in the country (Gary Bk maybe in Canada ) Here in the good ole USA , lawn doctor means something , Scotts does they have commercials ,sponsor Race cars . I can see some value in those names from a marketing standpoint

To Bmburns ; Unhappy franchise owners venting in a public place is Like, Unhappy employees venting in a break room and the boss walks in . It makes for a very uncomfortable scenario , soi suspect you wont here from them very much .
But I do agree in the value of franchises providing its 4% or under. Again Watch the 60 minutes expose , any more then the 4% is corrupt their words not mine
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