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Ah yes. I have read the eMyth by Micheal Gerber. Great stuff in business books. But I am still amazed at that revenue per truck. I thought I was pushing it in the weed and feed area and I am getting about $130k/yr per truck. What should a truck be doing per year? But we don't work Saturdays (unless absolutely necessary because I get too far behind or Sundays of course). I was just reading some stuff on a Lawn Doctor franchise. They work their guys 4 days per week (10-11 hrs/day) but the trucks work 6 days per week with rotating work schedules. I don't like to work Saturdays though. Wen we do we are often turned away because people want to use their yards or we get a phone call that they are teed off because we serviced their lawn while they were out and now they don't feel they can use it. Maybe I am losing revenue per truck by not working Saturdays. How do you guys feel about having your weed and feed trucks out on Saturday?
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