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Its good that you are very determined person and you do not get discouraged easily this will be very important when it is super hot and you are busting your but covered in grass ,dirty and can't feel your feet then a customer comes out and treats you like the scum of the earth because they look down on you as a lesser individual doing there crap work. With that being said advertising alone will not get you the customer base you need , networking and talking with all your lawncare contacts and offer to pay them to refer accounts to you if they do not want them can get you to those numbers rental company's can also boost your numbers quickly i was offered 134 lawns at once by a rental company but it was not a good move for me at the time but could be the start a guy like you needs. Walking in a shaking hands goes much further than an add in the paper , large commercial accounts may take a while to land as most of them have a stereotypical image of a lawn provider that they look for 1- having an estblished name they have seen before 2- having a professional image as they see in there mind of a lawn guy , truck , trailer , equipment , etc (pulling your lawn setup with a suv will not help you with these type of accounts) 3 - being a one stop shop with alot to offer as a contractor , landscaping equipment , snow ice management ,help to do larger jobs etc etc. Starting out focus on rental company's , small commercial accounts (auto zones , hardees , stuff like this) and of course residential accounts will be what gives you the most of your work as these are the size accounts a solo beginning operator will be able to do on his own. Again good luck and don't let anyone discourage you as long as you can handle the physical work part of it you will be fine. Also on a side note having a backup plan in place in case something does not go exactly as planned is also helpful and helps you sleep better at night. Good luck.
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