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Originally Posted by conceptsketch View Post
I bet you pull the top 20 percent of franchise and the top 20 percent of Mon franchise lawn care businesses ,the non franchises will win hands down , period .......
If you are not giving them ten plus percent , then that goes to you.
Hire some green industry consultants .Many of then can help you format a lawn care franchise but don't give It to
Some franchise that has measured every word carefully to solve all the aches and pains of running your own business and inevitably is there to make money of of you ,not just once but for a lifetime ....
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wasn't what I was comparing, but i'll say it the not so nice way.. I was saying that I bet some people who are bashing franchises have a 1994 dodge two mowers and net worth of 50k. not that there is anything wrong with that, some people like to be a solo op is fine. IMO unless your pulling down 2+ mil I don't think you can bash franchises because you don't know the systems involved to grow to that level. where possibly a good franchise could give you all the right tools to do it quicker. im sure there are some crappy franchises out there, but to lump them all together is wrong.... I would *assume* if you could tap into some of valleycrests knowledge thru buying a us lawn franchise that would be a home run but idk anything about it..

on a side note I am looking for another business to diversify into, looked into franchises. out of the 100's (most are crap and im amazed they get people to buy in) I've looked at I only considered one and my area was already taken..
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