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Good point, Skip. Years ago I used to check some new estimate lawns with my inexpensive hand held pH meter--if the soil was moist. Seldom a need for lime. I had a few soil tests done as samples to get an idea of my neighborhoods and to detect any that had unusual problems. I also did soil tests on several yards in a neighborhood association that was clustered around a small lake. They wanted zero phosphorus, of course. We got phosphorus down to 14 pounds per acre in one yard--it still looked fine.

I did not test for micronutrients--nor did I have any tissue tests on my own. They cost around 5 times as much as a soil test. They check for around 20 nutrients. I am sure the top baseball fields and championship golf course groundskeepers go for tissue tests at times. Sorry Barry. I did not check the soil bacteria and bio activity. Naturally you would only want to check problems lawns and only sample the areas--not tissue test every lawn.

Based on symptoms of mineral deficiencies..I found it difficult to judge. I only had a book that showed deficiencies in corn. Similar to grass--not the same. Are there any good references as to the symptoms of mineral deficiencies in Kentucky bluegrass? Other grass species?
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