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Did I buy new or used mowers? Here is the thought process. If I buy two used mowers I'm looking at around $7000 out of pocket to buy. Then I don't know how they were serviced or what repairs or downtime lie ahead. If I buy new I can go through Sheffield and get 0% for 48 months and no payment until April. My first year cash outlay using this route would be $3,150 over through the end of 2014 and I have a 2/3 yr warranty. Yeah, I bought new. I don't believe in buying used as the risks often outweigh the cost savings.

Thanks Thornton for the advice. I do plan to do a lot of door to door hand shaking and kissing babies if you will. I have a Masters degree in Finance so I hope to be able to pull off the looking like a professional bit. When I stated commercial I was indeed looking at the smaller type stuff like dentist offices, small box retailers, etc.. Goal is to have a truck and a blade by next fall to pursue those larger commercial accounts that are looking for snow removal as well. I will stay focused on the positive and believe I have a reasonably solid plan in place to make a decent run at success.
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