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I would second the move away from GoDaddy. I've worked with people that had GoDaddy sites (they wanted better SEO, better looking template, a blog, etc.) and it is an older system that is more difficult to use and with greater limitation than sites like the aforementioned For starter or small business sites,,, etc. offer better service than GoDaddy. Additionally, GoDaddy just seems to offer bad advice. I've talked to several people that relayed to me the advice that they go from GoDaddy and it was just falt-out bad advice. GoDaddy is looking to sell services, including additional domain registrations, so the information is biased. It is like calling Google and asking them how to do better in their search results - their go-to recommendation is always Ad Words, which has a horrible ROI for most small businesses and has nothing to do with organic search results.
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