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Yah. I bought one earlier this year. A little spendy. But in theory, they are worth it. They sell a blade that is 50% quieter than regular saw blades and then the no-dust thing is amazing. Dust is a huge problem for us sometimes. I've had jobs where we had to spend half a day or more pressure washing off the deck, siding, cleaning windows, cleaning off the fence, the neighbors deck, etc. just from all the dust that had flown everywhere during the job. Not to mention the risk in terms of guys breathing that stuff in. In theory, this saw solves a lot of problems.

In practice, however, there are some real challenges. I had a whole thread about this earlier in the year:

But in summary, here are the main problems:
  1. The saw requires you to use it on a 20 amp circuit. If you don't, you'll be constantly tripping breakers.
  2. Similarly, to handle the amperage, you have to use a REALLY heavy gauge extention cord
  3. The saw doesn't stay on. It has a trigger. Once you let go of the trigger, the saw turns off. This creates a big problem because if you are doing a cut that requires you to use two hands (e.g. a curve cut) then you cannot do it with this saw with one person. You cannot have one hand on each side of the block while also having on hand on the trigger. So what you eventually learn to do is put a zip tie on the triggerr and use a remote control (like this one) to turn the saw on and off.

Because of these problems, I would not recommend the saw. We still use it sometimes. But not nearly as often as I would like, given we spent like $2,200 on it. It just turned out to be not quite as great in practice as it was in theory. Which is too bad. I really like the concept. I'm sure in the future they'll probably work out these kinks. But for now, I'd stick with whatever you're using.
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