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Originally Posted by GaryBK View Post
Working Saturdays for R1 is a great idea. That would set you up better for the whole year in scheduling. I must look into that. Good on being on the high side of pricing. We increased our prices more than inflation with our 2014 prepay notices. Will wait and see how that pans out. We have a lot of work and I was reading in a business book that if you have a lot of work raise your prices. You may lose some but you will always keep good accounts that way. I'm a bit apprehensive as I will be in the top pricing of the market but I don't want to compete with the lowballers.... (Going $60/F&WC and $115 aeration up to 4000ftsq - that's most lawns - with a 20% PP disc.). Glad you are having success with your franchise! Thx BM, Merry Christmas.
Your pricing seems good. I might not offer as much of a prepay discount though. We offer 10% and typically get 42-44% of our customers to prepay- very nice for cash flow.
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