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Let me start by saying that I have respect for Exmark... I think they are an awesome company and the ultracut deck is phenomenal. That being said, I am a Walker guy and I run the 26EFI Kohler... Tons of power, I can only imagine what the 34 feels like.... EFI technology is not new, it's been applied to automobiles since the 80's and Walker has been using them in their machines since the late 90's. There has been plenty of time to work out the kinks.... And with Kohler now using the Delphi software, the system is as close to perfect as could be.... I have ran a 23 carbed Walker and a 26 efi Walker side by side for numerous mowing seasons and I can tell you right now that there is a HUGE difference in power.... The only people saying that EFI is no good are old-timers who are afraid of change.
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