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Seems like I'm always checking in on the "Casey thread" to see what you're up to. I don't really know why I have this interest in your thread. Maybe it's because you're a Virginia boy like myself or maybe it's because I'm interested in watching the growth of a young entrepreneur. It might be that you kind of remind me of myself many years ago. Whatever it is, I wish you nothing but success, Casey. And from what I can see you will be successful. You're intelligent and you have work ethic. Both of those attributes are evident in the fact that you're building your business part time while working a full time job to pay the bills. Anytime you put intelligence and work ethic together it breeds success.

Earlier in this thread, you had mentioned starting a family and that it might not be the best thing for your business. I think that's a load of BS. If you're the person I think you are, it will only make you push harder for the success of your business. Having a family depending on you will drive some men to realize their true potential. Plus, these will be the best years of your life - being so young, having a baby, a wife (btw, I looked at the Christmas card and man did you ever get lucky, she is beautiful. What's she doing with you???) and a young company on the way up. In my opinion, you've got it going on, man. You're living the American dream.
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