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I completely understand where you're coming from. I went through the exact same thing. My Daughter was a year old when I left a steady, secure job to start my own business. I was head of the landscape construction division of a large landscape company and making more money than most people my age at that time. I left that company because I was working long hours for someone else's success and I wanted more control and more time to spend with my family. Owning my own business gave me that. It was a lot less money in the beginning. Times were tight but my wife had a good job, my retired mother watched our daughter during the weekdays, and it gave me the flexibility to take care of my daughter when needed and build my business at the same time. The great thing about owning your own business is you make the rules, you can build it to fit around your life and that's how I still run things to this day. For example, we start work at eight in the morning for one reason - because when my kids were younger, I would take them to the bus stop or to school in the mornings. To this day, we probably start the work day later than any other LCO... but that's what I want. I have six full time guys working for me because I've found that to be the number where I can still have control without having to be there every single minute. They know what they're supposed to do on the jobs and they know how I expect it done. Now, I'm not saying owning a business doesn't require attention because it does. But because of keeping things manageable, I can leave for a week long vacation with my family and not have to worry about the wheels coming off. I don't want to build my business into a fortune 500 company. I just want to make a very good living and have time to live and enjoy life. It's all about settings up systems and sculpting them to fit whatever it is that YOU want.

I shouldn't and I'm not trying to sway you either way. I'm just saying there are these possibilities. Every man must find his own way and do what is right for him. Maybe moving back home would afford you the opportunity to make your business into a full time operation.
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