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I like those style mowers for working WAY far from other people or glass and I had a Davco, which was the standard of that type of mower before the copycats, and I liked it. I got rid of it because it took 2x as long to make things look good and the flying debris was unaccepable to the point where I was scared to operate it near anyone. With practice, the results got be acceptable but I blew out my glass and my customer's truck window (over 150' away). I put the mower away and went to find a lexan insert. I got cut up (not bad) but it scared me enough for me to re-evaluate safety when operating forestry mowers.
I can't believe a dealer would send a machine like that out without a lexan door and debris guards which help keep combustible debris out of the compartments. Not sure what they were thinking if someone could get hurt.

Other than the safety aspect, they are fun to rip and shred thick brush.

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