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Originally Posted by AEL View Post
Machine looks good all polished up. What type of wax did you use?
Just used the spray wax I use on my trucks inbetween when I hand wax them. I wanted to put something on them in the meantime. Want to find something that will offer better protection with the machines sitting out all year round and make it easier to clean grease off. Also would be nice when it rains and the water sheds off a lot of dust/dirt.

Haven't found a wax yet but I'm thinking I'll put a sealer over it as well. Last time I waxed and sealed my crew cab it lasted all summer and was still sheeting water off really well.

We're working on a site with a company that waxes all 11 of their D6's, 10 CTLS, large excavators and site trucks. They have a Cat 349e with 2000 hours on it and it doesn't have a scratch on it and it blinds you when the sun hits it.

I caught the bug now and the DX180 is getting a full detail when it comes back from a site where we are loading out excess fill for the winter.
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