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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
Very nice.. I have to ask, though, how do you find energy and time to take on a project like the truck and have it turn out so pretty?

I feel like a lazy man after reading your posts. Good work!
Down time in the winter, don't have any kids yet and I'm not married lol....I take about a week or two off to relax from working then get bored and need a project or something to tinker with. To be fair it all wasn't done at once, got the truck last December around this time and it's just getting to where it is a year later. I had a lot of help from my Girlfriend's Dad since he owns an autobody shop and loved my idea for the project. I did what I could then when I fell short he would help with bodywork and paint which I haven't exactly come close to mastering yet.

Originally Posted by B-2 Lawncare View Post
Truck looks awesome, to nice to use as a work truck. Lol
Not too nice perfect work truck for me since I don't need a Crew or extended's a nice little pickup though and I've been dreaming about building a RCSB Duramax since I was probably 17.
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