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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
And yeah we may be interested. I'm just trying to figure out exactly how this works and how it can benefit me

My biggest concern on putting it over existing concrete is what happens when the concrete starts cracking?
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You never install over concrete that is not structurally sound. This means if there is no rebar and the slabs have huge cracks that are shifting elevations....stay away and turn on to your concrete sub.

If you install over uneven slabs, great, just cut control joints in like your supposed to and you will be fine.

In the even that a new crack develops out of the blue, chip it out and patch in with new material. Once the repair is complete, you can reseal the job and the repair is virtually undetectable.

Going back to the BBB and AL. Despite what you think, 90% or better of our customers get us from there.

I have a buddy that spends a measly $15,000 per year on AL and generates 1.5 mil per year in business. That is his only advertising and despite it being a scam or not, 1.5 is 1.5. That is a less than 1% advertising cost and that is insane considering the industry avg. is about 20-30%
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