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Originally Posted by J & D Greens View Post
I have started a solo mowing and snow clearing Biz. It is just going to school at my age does not appeal to me. I stay very busy though until the snow starts flying. I don't get too involved with landscaping but I want to learn enough to do my own yard up a little better.
I do know one thing at my age I feel every injury I had while riding my bike. (but I still would do it all over again). Back in the day I would ride with some of the top A riders on the 125cc bikes in the state. Man those guys were fast, I never had the money to race much and those guys were sponsored by Honda and Yamaha. Those were the days when after work was done I would load up and head to the track at least every other day.
I quit riding altogether when I met my wife.
It can be tough to go to school after you're above the age of about 22-23.

You can definitely learn a good bit of info on hardscapes from that section of this site. I haven't spent much time in there as I learned a lot from my teacher (such as the rainwater recycling system permeable paver patio/waterfall project we built in school fall 2012) that owns a high end hardscape company, as I type he's probably carving a bathtub out of a 12,000 lb boulder which has become his new niche. Carving boulders into chairs and tables with fire rock in the center, I think I have pics of them from his MN State Fair display in this thread.

Anyway, kinda got off topic. I enjoy doing hardscapes however last year it was extremely hard to find good help that knew what they were doing when it came to hardscapes, especially because I couldn't offer a full time position and until I purchase a dump trailer (next big purchase), concrete saw, compactor, & skid, I'm set up just right yet.

You were probably running A class when Andrew Short was coming up through the ranks being as he's from Colorado Springs? I'm definitely nowhere near A class pace and probably won't be until maybe the 25+ class when I'm out of the field and not worrying about getting the field labor done on Monday if I'm sore/injured. I'm too afraid to crash, I'd rather not feel pain. One very bad shoulder injury & getting knocked out in the same crash my first year on 85s in 2004 has pretty much scared me into taking it easy as I get older. Back when I was a junior/senior in high school in 07-09, I was a lot more aggressive and more fearless.
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