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i know on the older ones we never did the valves. they were on tractor mowers though.

the one i have now bent a pushrod at 299hrs. they said it was because the valves were out of adjustment. it was replaced for free under warranty though.

i checked the clearance on mine and it was at about .005" on each valve. it's supposed to be from .002" to .004" so they were all a tad loose.

to be honest i think these newer kawi engines are pieces of crap. it's like they are built in china or something. the oil drain thing is rediculous. made of plastic. it's loose already and they said you have to remove the motor to replace it. it's still working but barely. also the oil fill tube is plastic and justs sits down inside the engine block with 1 o-ring to keep oil from coming out. my guess it's only a matter of time before one day oil will start squirting out from the base of the filler tube. one of the tabs on the fan cover broke off in the first season of use.

they just dont' seem to be well made to me. i'm sure the insides are ok but everything else completely sucks.

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