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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
yeah i've seen those. they are a little underpowered and i don't think they are full on commercial engines.
maybe they are i dunno. doesn't look like it if you look at the air filter.
What I liked about it was that it comes with a cast iron sleeve.

This is the thing I don't under stand........ How much horse power do you really need ? Here is the thing, we have 5 exmark lazers that have 3 different engines.
A ch25, @ 25 HP... a ch740 @ 27 HP and a fx 801 @ 29 HP. All on 60 inch units.

Is there some kind of mathematical formula with the alphabet thrown in that says you need "x" amount of HP ?

Originally Posted by weeze View Post
what i meant is mowers should come with honda engines on them when they are new or at least have that as an option. a 34hp commercial honda mower engine would be killer!
i found this one but it's only 20hp.
I think that would be great if they would have the Honda as an option ( ya hear that Exmark ) If I had my way, there would never be a B&S or a large Kawasaki
on any of our equipment....It make me cringe when I see our newest GV leaf loader with the B&S......Time will tell.
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